International Registration Plan IRP Plates / Apportionment Plates

IRP Apportioned Plates

AAble License Consultants is licensed and bonded by the Illiois Secretary of State to perform all aspects pertaining to IRP Plates:

  • New Applicant Processing
  • Additions
  • Transfers
  • Replacement Plates
  • Temporary Registrations (if eligible)
  • Re-Classificiation
  • Registration Corrections
  • DOT Updates
  • Name Updates
  • Address Updates

All IRP/Apportionment Plates are renewed once a year, expiring on March 31st. Aable License makes a personal phone call to each and every customer as a reminder.

Aable License can renew Illinois Base Plates which expire annually on June 30th.

We are also available to assist you with IRP Audits conducted by the Illinois Secretary of State.