Drivers can just drive...

Why go crazy trying to find...

Why stress-out your drivers with mountains of grueling paperwork.. All these problems vanish with iFleet. Our integrated system transfers your truck information directly into our systems. Quarterly IFTA filings are automatic and painless. No reporting required on your side. No trip sheets. No fuel receipts.

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iFleet - is a complete fleet managment system designed to help you track and cooridinated all your vehicles.  Features include...

iFleet reduces overhead and expenses...
Our driver and vehicle profiles help to reduce insurance rates.
Our fuel card partnership can save you from $0.03 to $0.10 per gallon (at that rate, the system can pay for itself). 

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December 18, 2017 - government has mandated and requires electronic log books by this December 18th.  If you are currently tracking Hours of Service (HoS) on paper you will need to convert by this date.  

Per the FMCSA, requirements include...

Has “integral synchronization” with the engine control module to automatically record engine power status, vehicle motion status, and other data
Supports one of two options for electronic data transfer:
    • Telematic type: using wireless web services or email
    • Local transfer type: using USB2.0 or Bluetooth

Displays all required standardized data to authorized safety officials on demand – through a screen display or printout that includes three elements: a daily header, graph grid showing driving duty status changes, and detailed daily log data. The graph grid, if printed, must be at least 6 inches by 1.5 inche

see - FMCSA Checklist